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20 Oct 2022-12:00 pm (UTC)

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Tengoku is an immersive metaverse that combines NFT, GameFi, and MetaFi with a space city and 3D virtual human as the story background.
Tengokuは、宇宙都市と3 D仮想人間とストーリーの背景としてNFT、Gamefi、およびメタファイを組み合わせた没入型メタバースです。
These virtual human are divided into six races :
An ace pilot who is good at handling various vehicles, the pursuit of speed seems to be written in her genes.
She has the power to use tokens to create accelerator cards with a certain chance. Accelerator cards can help users speed up the incubation process and win the game.
Guard of Tengoku 天国の警護
A loyal guard who is proficient in weapons.
She has the power to use tokens to create the shield with a certain chance. With the shield, users could resist the attack of Kunoichi and Bounty Ranger.
Treatment Squad 治療班
A talent of scientists, doctors and engineers who provide strong support for the team.
She has the power to create nutrients with a certain chance.
Confesser 懺悔者
The priesthood that is good at using the power of the Blessing Stone.In incubation competition, nutrients are essential and limited supply.
She could pray to the god of business, so that users can buy nutrients at the lowest token price as soon as possible.
Kunoichi 女忍
“Dangerous assassin”. Randomly entering incubator and snatch a certain amount of nutrients, she might cause the others incubation to retrogress. The incubator with a shield can resist Kunoichi’s attack.
Bounty Ranger バウンティーレンジャー
“The Robin Hood”. According to the daily incubation ranking list, she could snatch other’s tokens in a certain incubator. The shield can resist Bounty Ranger’s snatch.
Every holder of TENGOKU ID(2D PFP NFT) Participate in the incubation game could obtain an high-level 3D virtual human (NFT) for free and could use it to open the gate of Tengoku Verse.
Tengoku ID(2D PFP NFT)のすべての保有者は、インキュベーションゲームに参加しますフリーレベルの3 Dバーチャルヒューマン(NFT)を入手ができますし、Tengoku Verseのゲートを開けることができます。
Tengoku is the first NFT project that provides multiplayer game (Incubation Game) playing and allow users to join right after NFT Mint.
Incubation Game インキュベーションゲーム
Incubator Matrix インキュベータマトリックス
The core purpose of the game:ゲームのコア目的:
Trying to become the first 2000 genesis 3D virtual human of Tengoku Verse, users will have priority for the core lands(NFT) and other resources allocation in the future.
Tengoku Verseの最初の2000年創世紀に3 D仮想人間になろうとして、ユーザー様は将来的にコアランド(NFT)と他の資源配分するためにプライオリティーを持ちます。
Game mechanism:ゲーム機構:
After entering the incubator, the nutrient cannot be stopped supplies; if the nutrient is run out, it will enter the backward process.
Tengoku Verse
The entire engineering structure blueprint, landmark buildings, urban planning and land economics of Tengoku Verse have been planned. After the incubation of 3D virtual human, Tengoku Verse can be put into service soon.
エンジニアリング構造青写真、ランドマークビル、都市計画とTengoku Verseの土地経済学は、企画されました。3 D仮想人間の潜伏の後、Tengoku Verseはすぐにサービスに入れられることが可能です。
Team Memberチームメンバー
Tengoku was run by the company called Aaru Labs registering in Republic of Seychelles. The team members of Aaru Labs are multinational.
プロジェクト【TENGOKU】はRepublic of Seychellesに設立したAaru Labsより運営されております、Aaru Labsは多国にいるメンバーより構成されています。
The Team have 14 year’s experience in the whole process development of Japanese Game and Anime, and win much art awards around world.
Participate in the development 【DARK SOULS 2,3】 【Bloodborne】 【SEKIRO: Shadows Die Twice】 【Elden Ring】
チームは日本のゲームとアニメの開発に14年の経験を持ち、世界中で多くのアート賞を受賞。また、暗黒の魂2 , 3に関しても参加する実績があります。
Road map:ロードマップ:


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