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31 Oct 2023-10:00 pm (UTC)

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Ξ(ETH): 0.025

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31 Oct 2023-10:00 pm (UTC)

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Ξ(ETH): 0.03

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2222 Total

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What is The Crypt?

Introducing The Crypt: Revolutionizing Crypto Marketing

The Crypt is a Web3 protocol designed around “Community as a Service.” We plan on gathering a wide variety of Web3 and NFT enthusiasts under the Crypt community banner. This will allow us to harness the power of the Crypt community’s social media presence as a commodity to other projects, and secure a portion of their marketing budget!

Why The Crypt?

The Crypt embodies the spirit of the Web3 community, driven by a shared belief that current marketing strategies for crypto protocols and NFT projects fall short. Recognizing this inefficiency, we are delving into new technologies to redefine the way projects are marketed, and create a more effective and impactful approach. Join us as we pave the way for a new era of crypto marketing excellence!
Currently, web3 marketing primarily utilizes influencers that use Twitter and/or Youtube. Projects pay influencers in currency, tokens, and/or NFTs to expose the project to the influencers followers in the hopes that they will take part. There are many problems with this method of marketing.
Many influencer communities are “peopled” by bot accounts the influencer paid for.
Many followers are gained via giveaways and have no interest in investing.
Even if a marketing influencer has real followers, there is no guarantee they can get those followers to interact with their promotion.
Because of this, projects that hire marketing influencers often get scammed and lose their marketing dollars, hurting the project and propagating the issue.

How does it work?

The Crypt leadership team and/or community will approach projects and present the community’s marketing capabilities.
The Crypt leadership team will utilize Engage-to-Earn tools that work with the Twitter API to track the community’s interaction with a client project. Everything from post likes, retweets, and comments to time spent in client projects Twitter spaces will be tracked. This will allow the leadership team the ability to show a quantified proof of interaction from our community! No more guessing and hoping that the influencer you hired actually has a community of real-life followers who are actually interested in what you are making!

What’s in it for the community?

This is the best part! 90% of all marketing dollars earned will be redistributed back to the community proportionately to their engagement on a client projects campaign. A member who interacts with the occasional post will earn, but they will earn less than a member who interacts with every post, who, in turn, will earn less than a member who interacts with every post and shows up for every Twitter space. The more you do, the more you earn!
What about the other 10%?

The remaining 10% will be used to pay the Crypt leadership team for their work, fund community incentives, and provide bonuses to community leaders!
What is a community leader? How do I become one?
The goal for Crypt is to become a massive community that spans the globe. The team has decided to divide the community into enclaves as follows:
– 100 Members: Century
– 10 Centuries: Legion
– 10 Legions: The Hoard
Members will be divided by their preferred time zone of activity, and each unit will be given its own private area in the discord. In the beginning, the team will be actively coordinating the different enclaves, but as the protocol matures, exceptional community members, who are willing, will be given leadership roles. It will be the responsibility of these members to build rapport with other projects and introduce the team, so the team can spend their time closing marketing deals.
Simply put, community leaders are community members who go above and beyond for the Crypt by building relationships with other projects and earning their business. For their extra work, they will be rewarded with an extra payment from the 10% set aside for the team!


We are very excited to introduce The Crypt to web3, and we truly believe that what we are creating has the potential to change the current paradigm of web3. The team is always available to chat in the discord, and we are open to hearing any and all suggestions the community has to make The Crypt the best, largest, and most influential community in Web3.



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