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30 Sep 2022-12:00 am (UTC)

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100 Total

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TwinZ is offering a Founders Pass to select individuals to be known as the OT “Original TwinZ.” The OT will be an exclusive membership the remains with the NFT Holder of the Founder Pass. Only 100 people will be selected to have the opportunity to become an OT. To be considered you must qualify for the Allow List. The OT will be founding members serving on the TwinZ community board to help shape the direction and future of TwinZ. A private Discord channel will be open to OT Members only. The best alpha and utility is reserved for this exclusive group of OT.
Each OT receives the following exclusive member benefits:
Airdropped 5 Free NFTs guaranteeing them 1 PFP from each TwinZ Society providing the ultimate opportunity for 5X rewards.
A private invitation to join the Secret “Z” Society. Details only known to those that join.
VIP Experiences and Special Invitation Only IRL and Metaverse Events
Specialty OT TwinZ merchandise
Additional airdrop of the TwinZ reward token when released.
What is TwinZ NFT?
A Collection of 10,000 TwinZ waiting to be matched through built in gamification. Manga drive art in appreciation of the Anime Community.
1,500 sets of Identical TwinZ will be generated with identical traits.
3,500 sets of Fraternal TwinZ will be generated with varying identical traits with some values and characteristics to be revealed later.
500 sets of Exclusive TwinZ will be generated that may be Triplets, Quadruplets, Quintuplets, Sextuplets, Septuplets, Octuplets and the rarest of them all will be Conjoined TwinZ.
Double the Fun and Double the Rewards
Future Utility
Rewards Staking – TwinZ Token
Futago Marketplace
TwinZ NFT is committed to building a community that grows stronger through the network of the project’s owners. TwinZ are a unique club with a tight bond. TwinZ is the sibling you always wish you had. The TwinZverse is one of the most dynamic, unique, and loyal families you could ever imagine. Come join our family and enjoy with us because Twinning is Winning!

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