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16 Sep 2022-12:00 am (UTC)

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Ξ(ETH): 0.3

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3,000 Total

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One mint with lock = 2 avatars
Claim an additional free avatar after a 14-Days lock period!

Quick notes:
Be a real part of the UNCODE company with V-shares (company shares)
Lifetime access to UNCODE app premium features & content
Exclusive holders voting platform
Discord will be holders exclusive
What is UNCODE?
We empower people to regain control of their mental and physical performance by providing a holistic AI-powered approach. Uncode includes personalized supplements, nutrition- and movement plans in combination with DNA analysis.
Uncode is a combination of AI, health, NFTs and company shares.
We follow a holistic approach to health, fitness, and well-being. In this approach, nutrition is the foundation on which transformation will happen. Next, activity is key to balancing your progress and leveraging your efforts. Together, these two are getting things forward. But still, there will always be drawbacks on the road ahead. Therefore, we finally target specific well-being areas to eliminate your weakest points in sleep, hydration, breathing, or mental and emotional balance.
There are three main use cases we focus on:
weight loss
physical performance
mental performance
These use cases are backed by our web2 partnerships with:

Our philosophy is to offer a solution that allows each individual to feel purposefully exuberant, healthy, and comfortable. Our AI algorithm goes beyond the building blocks of tailor-made nutrition, sleep and exercises by taking essential steps focusing on holistic health.
Want to learn more?
Check out our documentation at: docs.uncode.ai
Lifetime access only with a UNCODE avatar
With UNCODE avatars, you gain the highest experience within the UNCODE ecosystem, and all premium features lifetime. These avatars exist as non-fungible tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. Each avatar is a unique artwork and provides multiple utilities within the UNCODE ecosystem. We implemented them using the gas-efficient ERC721A smart contract.
Minting process
Premint allowlist raffle winner mint
Please check if you won on this page when mint has started.
Waitlist mint after allowlist mint (optional)
In case there will be some NFTs left to mint, after the allowlist mint, we will open a waitlist mint where all allowlist participants get access to mint. There will be no limitation per wallet. First come, first serve.
Early supporter program:
Claim an additional free avatar after a 14-Days lock period!
You, as an early supporter, should be honored with something special. Therefore we built a loyalty program where all avatar holders can participate and claim special rewards.
The loyalty platform will be open right after mint close. Every avatar can be locked into the program and will grant you an additional free avatar after a lock period of 14-days.
The time you need to lock your avatar to participate in the program remains 48 hours after the loyalty program starts.
Requirements to take claim:
lock your avatar until the first 48 hours after the loyalty program has opened
your avatar must be locked for 14 days
if you unlock it within 14 days, you’re not allowed to mint one additional avatar as a free claim
For example:
You minted 1 avatar
The loyalty program opens -> you now got 48 hours to lock your avatar
After 48 hours, the lock period of 14 days begins
After 14 days, you’re allowed to mint one additional avatar as a free claim
UNCODE avatar utilities
Access to the UNCODE loyalty program
As a UNCODE avatar holder, you will get access to the early supporter loyalty program, which remains for all holders of the UNCODE avatars and will grant them special rewards repeatedly. Only within this program, you will participate in the V-share raffle and have the chance to claim a UNCODE V-share (company share).
Be a real part of the UNCODE company – with V-share
An entirely new way to let you as a holder get part of the UNCODE company. In collaboration with V-share, we set up a community model to give back our holders company shares.
We know many big communities struggle to get their NFT holders included in the company, not only the community.
The avatar loyalty program allows you to participate in the V-share raffle and claim your official UNCODE V-share.
Every day your avatar gets locked into the loyalty program, you redeem one V-share raffle ticket, which will be used for the V-share raffle drops to redeem a free claim of one V-share NFT.
For closer details, we recommend you our detailed docs at docs.uncode.ai/community/virtual-shares
Voting rights on new features and company decisions
At UNCODE we shape the future of digital health tech together with you as a community! We are very curious about this. Therefore we set up a voting platform where all avatar holders access future feature decisions.
1 avatar = 1 voting point
There will be a UNCODE V-share holders exclusive voting platform, where all further company decisions will be discussed and voted on.
1 V-share = 1 voting point
Lifetime discount on all physical products
There will be many physical products inside the UNCODE ecosystem, such as self-testing DNA- & Blood sets, personalized supplements, and nutrition. As an avatar holder, you will get a lifetime discount on all products.
Get access to community events
There will be exclusive online & offline events all around the globe with the UNCODE and partner communities.
Access to exclusive holder challenges
Compare your level with other avatar holders and challange them within UNCODE mini games/challenges.
Own the intellectual property of the artwork
As a holder, you own all intellectual property of the avatar you own.

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