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25 Aug 2022-10:00 am (UTC)

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6000 Total

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Virus era COVID-19 is an illusory collection of viruses. NFT exists in a five-dimensional space. Through the space, we can explore the relationship between human beings and viruses deeply affected by COVID-19 and various global epidemics. The project and the community behind it intend to open a new era of meta through Web3 and NFT. Novel coronavirus is only one of many viruses, and the virus will coexist with us for a long time. The virus has something to say!

Viruses exist in almost every ecosystem on the earth and are the largest number of biological entities. In the Web3 world, NFT in the virus era will bring you to experience different microorganisms. Viruses have thoughts and emotions, and can constantly replicate themselves. In reality, many people are unwilling to admit that viral belongs to life. Viruses can metabolize energy in the Web3 world, and can replicate or self replicate systems. Welcome to the world of viruses, where we can freely combine to create new identities.
Designer team: Paris FSK design studio
Name:Virus Era NFT
Total: 2222
Single White list max mint: 3
White list mint time: 2022-8-29 11:30 UTC
White list mint price: 0.01E
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