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Pre-sale Date:

30 Aug 2022-02:00 pm (UTC)

Pre-sale Price:

BNB: 0.25

Public Mint Date:

31 Aug 2022-02:00 pm (UTC)

Public Mint Price:

BNB: 0.35

Maximum Supply:

5000 Total

Event Category:

  • NFT Drop

Each Genesis Ziggy is both a collectible and an in-game utility-NFT for the Ziggyverse game.

A Genesis Ziggy’s utility enables the holder to have:

Bonus EXP: When players take part in battles or complete missions while owning a Genesis Ziggy, they’ll gain bonus experience points.

Bonus in-game rewards: Similar to EXP, players also gain LEEKS for certain in-game activities. With a Genesis Ziggy, you’ll earn even more. You can find out more about LEEKS in our Ziggyverse economy article.

Rental Opportunities: The Ziggyverse is a P2E game. It is a competitive monster battle arena, where users can earn BNB, POTS, stablecoins, and NFTs. The Ziggyverse has an in-game guild mechanic which allows you to rent out your team and Genesis Ziggy to scholars while you sit back and collect rewards passively. These rewards grow your Ziggymon and allow you to earn BNB, POTS, Stablecoins, and NFTs prizes.

In-Game Battle Emojis: Having a Genesis Ziggy allows a player to use in-battle emojis to talk to their adversary

Staking: Before the game’s release, the Ziggyverse team will release a Genesis staking mechanic. More details will be provided shortly.


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