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Atlas,constancy of Blockchain is acknowledged by mainstream

Blockchain a a modern day technology which is shaping the future of crypto currencies and many other related sources. Consistency means that any data on the blockchain cannot be rendered.

Which means, transaction history on a blockchain cannot be manipulated by anyone, including a corporation or government. An increasing number of organisations use this technology because it adds another layer of integrity and trust of the data.Blockchain is so powerful that, if there are any issues with the NFT’s validation.Once validation is done,its impossible to render the same, for example “Cipher Punks”. Developed by ItsBlockchain.Several members of the community criticised the collection. The problem was that the collection features portraits of 46 infosec pioneers. Some of them are misspelt and, to our knowledge one portrait was under copyright protection.

Now once in circulation, blockchain cannot remove or delete it. Only option was to burn NFT’S unfortunately. Company It’s blockchain has to rely on opensea to take the whole collection of artists down.

In a tweet, the team apologised for not taking permission beforehand and said they are waiting until OpenSea removes the collection. A refund process has also been initiated for the NFTs they own.

Time being, the incident of unauthorised NFT’s transactions was increased and Artists were to be blamed for misguiding the system and its genuine users.Overall, NFT projects were unable to takedown the unauthorised NFT’s and it’s a long process once its up in the system.


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