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Gamers revolt against NFT plans

In an unclear manner, NFTs have captured the imaginations of video game executives, and fans are outraged.A lot of factors contribute to this – crypto mining’s environmental impact, frequent scams, and the desire never to see a cartoon monkey again – but the key is their mere presence in video games undermines trust in them.

It takes a great deal of time and money from players to play large-budget games with massive worlds. Gamers have set quite a tone in NFT’s, and they contribute a lot to the online platform. The impact might be huge, but it’s not on the radar yet to recognize it. Obviously, the time spent on playing and surfing counts as per the value of money and gradually increases it.

When games begin to ask for more money, that undermines that trust by questioning the fundamental nature of the game’s design. Due to this, every player is motivated not to have fun but to maximize their profits.

On the other side, Fans of NFT are not happy with the gamers, and gamers are not happy with the NFT’s as both have an environmental cause, which tips the balance on a negative approach. The biggest concerns are the frequent scams of NFT’s and the morale of gamers are broken after spending quality time.

There are a lot of predicament and unclear reasons why both the communities, Gamers, and NFT fans are indignation with each other. The current scenario is balancing both in the blames and coming time, decision and interest of market fans from both sides will decide the fate of both.


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