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NFT’S are talk of the town folks !!! What’s the pickle in it and how it can grow year after another

NFTs in 2021 were instinctively impressive, but 2022 will see a sparkling increase. As we prepare for a new year, Chainalytics released a report on OpenSea.
NFT’S are coming in the marketplace every day and in numbers.

There were some interesting results in the end-of-year analysis. Data collected by Chainalytics showed that less than 1% of NFT purchases came from institutional investors who spent over $100,000.And that’s just the 1 percent. Looking at the masculinity of the market.

The rest of the percentage is from the enigmatic public like daily surfers and limited to garnish at NFT’s. Eventually, they end up buying the NFT’s as they see the potential in it. Some investors buy for the long term, and most buy for the short term.

The Chainalytics study found that retail buyers were the most prevalent demographic. In light of the fact that the NFT market rose 42% this year, as interest in the metaverse has surged. The fact that you’re winning when most of your customers are retail is impressive as there are margins to grab the opportunity.

Another fact about the topic is that 28% of the NFT’S bought at the minting are sold to make early exist for profits.This automatically means that 72% will hold a long term to slice a good amount of profit. Over time, the technology will incline in its shape as per the market.


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