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Upcomingnft is Stepping into the world of Web 3

Hello Upcomingnft Community!

This time, I am not here to give you the details about the NFT projects for this upcoming week.

But I am here to tell you that upcomingnft will level up the platform by stepping into Web 3 and introducing Upcomingnft Privilege pass.

When I think about it, I wonder that it’s like yesterday that we started working on this project, and now we are here stepping into the world of web 3 to contribute more to the NFT market space.

From giving the best user experience to giving the best tools and features, we have given our 100% effort to help and grow the NFT community.

Now, upcomingnft has decided to step into the world of web 3 and enhance the NFT marketspace by building a one-stop destination for all the web 3 NFT projects.

To gain access to this portal, you must become a member of Upcomingnft Privilege Pass community.

Upcomingnft Privilege pass is our effort to give the privilege side of Upcomingnft to our holders and make the community stronger and better.

Now let’s understand about the upcomingnft and the Privilege pass.


Upcomingnft is a popular platform amongst NFT collectors and NFT projects.

Upcomingnft is a Calendar for NFTs where NFT enthusiasts can check out all the different kinds of upcoming NFT projects and the mint information of these NFT projects.

The platform also gives a whitelist registration option for all the NFT projects and whitelist data for NFT project authorities.

Upcomingnft also offers promotion for NFT projects to successfully launch their NFT project.

With the Upcomingnft beta tools, NFT enthusiasts can find out good NFT projects that are currently being minted by the NFT community.

Upcomingnft has always given the first priority to the user experience and the best trending tools and features to help the upcomingnft community.

Upcomingnft also has an artist corner section to help digital artists to make their artwork visible to the NFT community and get more exposure from the NFT community.

Beta tools from upcomingnft is in the top 13 NFT tools list by geeksflare

Also, you can check out the success stories by upcomingnft here.

By providing the best user experience and amazing NFT tools and features, Upcomingnft has become one of the top NFT platforms in the NFT community.

We have come so far with your love and support, and now we have to reach more heights to deliver the best to the NFT community because this is what they deserve, which is why Now we are going to introduce the Upcomingnft privilege pass to the NFT community.


Upcomingnft Privilege Pass:

Now, let’s talk about the Upcomingnft privilege pass.

This pass is the key to opening the web 3 portal of Upcomingnft and getting access to the exclusive dashboard of Upcomingnft to use the best tools and features. This is one stop for all the web 3 NFTs.

..Learn more about NFT projects and get a chance to win free NFTs.

To operate smoothly and give the best to the community, our brilliant minds are constantly putting their 100% efforts into keeping this project on track and giving their best to the NFT community.

Upcomingnft privilege pass is going to share a lot of utilities and extra benefits to the NFT community.


Official Links:




Whitelist Registration:


Mint Information:

Presale Date: 28-09-2022 (01:00 PM UTC)

Presale Price: 0.09 ETH

Public Sale Date: 28-09-2022 (03:00 PM UTC)

Public Sale Price: 0.15 ETH

Maximum Supply: 1350


Privilege Pass for Collectors

With the Upcomingnft privilege pass, Upcomingnft is going to make the NFT marketspace a better place by dealing with fraud and scams happening around in the marketspace to give frequent updates of any suspicious NFT projects to Privilege pass holders.

Members can also report NFT projects that look suspicious, and our NFT experts will do in-depth research to find out what’s going on.

And we will host a poll on Twitter to find out whether the project is suspicious or not. And help the NFT community in every possible way.

The privilege pass web 3 portal will have exclusive tools and features for the NFT community to create a better NFT portfolio with web 3 NFT projects.


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