NFT Projects of The Week [V.1 03-12-2021]


Welcome to the series of Upcoming NFT Projects!

In this series, we will introduce some of the amazing Upcoming NFT Projects for this week

This series is all about giving our NFT Collectors Top Project of the week by analyzing all the upcoming NFT projects.

However, we advise you to do the same research as we did to find accurate details, facts, and figures about the NFT Project And find out which project is suitable for you or not according to your situation. This is how you can play safe and secure with NFTs.

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1. Slotie NFT:

Launching date: December 7, 2021 (7:00 PM UTC)

Ethereum Blockchain

Almost everyone in the industry is talking about this project and seeing this project as the best NFT to invest in. Sloties reimagine the online casino industry by integrating smart contracts into the gambling realm. If you own a Slotie NFT, it entitles you to a share of the casino’s revenue, allowing you to play with the big guys.



When you buy a Slotie, you’re not just buying an item or a work of art that’s shown to be rare. You are now a member of the Slotie Club, which has the following perks and features.

  • The possession of a Slotie NFT may be viewed as a collaboration between the holders, casinos, and Elia Software. Casinos pay us a fee of 12% of their slot machine income in exchange for us executing and selling high-quality gaming solutions. They will distribute 80% of our NFT-based slot machine earnings to each Slotie owner monthly.
  • By integrating NFTs into slot machines, the Slotie community becomes the house in 150 casinos. You may think of it as Defi gambling, in which you can use any of your NFTs to play a slot machine and win big.
  • Owners of Sloties will become VIP members of each of the 150+ casinos with whom they have tye up partnership, with up to a 20% Rakeback guarantee.
  • In the slotie NFT universe, machines may reproduce. Those who own Sloties can breed them to produce Junior Sloties, a new NFT breed. The profit of a Slotie is virtually doubled when you own a Junior Slotie. Breeding requires 1800 WATTs and 2 Sloties.
  • You can breed your Sloties with WATT tokens. WATTs are a type of token that works as energy in the Sloties’ universe. On a daily basis, WATTs are created. Every day, every Slotie owner receives 10 WATTs tokens. You’ll have enough WATTs to breed your Sloties in three months. There is a secondary market where you may buy tokens from other owners if you can’t wait to get your Junior Sloties.
  • You can breed your Sloties with WATT tokens. WATTs are a type of token that works as energy in the Sloties’ universe. On a daily basis, WATTs are created. Every day, every Slotie owner receives 10 WATTs tokens. You’ll have enough WATTs to breed your Sloties in three months. There is a secondary market where you may buy tokens from other owners if you can’t wait to get your Junior Sloties.

Why Slotie NFT?

A stake in Sloties gives you access to the fastest-growing and largest online casino network on the blockchain.

Sloties provide users access to the new realm of Defi Gambling, with only 10,000 VIP members ever minted.

Sloties are based on the ERC-721 standard and provide evidence of ownership on the Ethereum network. Sloties are more than just a social network; they provide real-world rewards at over 150 casinos across the world. This isn’t your typical slot machine: Sloties is your home, with your own set of rules.

Each Slotie NFT is unique, with various levels of scarcity. And, unlike other NFTs with simply a semblance of rare, your Slotie’s rarity will influence your income split from our Casino Partners. Your Slotie will provide more passive money, the rarer it is.

They’re non-fungible since these tokens can’t be swapped for one another.

Every Slotie is unique and one-of-a-kind.

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2. Bored Mafia Club:

Launch date: December 4, 2021

Ethereum Blockchain

5000 unique mafias, each with its own unique qualities, are preparing to take over the Ethereum blockchain. The Special Collectibles from bored mafia club include firearms and attachments that enable you access to the NFT game as well as exclusive merchandise.



The first-of-its-kind NFT Project, with rarity dependent on Mafia level. The 1000 nfts are allocated evenly among the five gangs, commonly known as families. There will be a total of 5000 NFTs created, with an initial price of 0.069 ETH on sale. The names of five ethereum blockchain gangs will be used.

There will be one leader, fifty underbosses, 300 lieutenants, and 649 soldiers in each gang. The boss will undoubtedly possess distinctive characteristics, but the troops will be responsible for the grunt labor.

Why Bored mafia club?

After all, NFTs have been sold, 20% of the royalty will be spent on marketing to grow the community.

50% of the royalties will be used to fund the development of future games and other exciting partnerships with top Ethereum Blockchain assets.

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3. Culture of Women:

Launch date: November 6, 2021 (09:32 PM UTC)

Solana Blockchain

This is a collection of 10,000 NFTs on the Solana blockchain called Culture of Women. Each NFT includes all of the various feminine beauty as well as a wide range of cultural aspects. 1 Culture of Women, for example, will dress in an Arikara headdress, Thai garment, Chinese earring, French jewelry, and Arabic cosmetics. Yes, a new generation of cultural variety is being born by them as part of NFT.



On the Solana blockchain, a collection of 10,000 distinct NFTs honoring women’s culture worldwide. Each NFT includes a computer-generated sketch of a lady with digitally painted details. Each of our NFTs is a one-of-a-kind blend of many cultural aspects based on extensive study and potential feminine attractiveness generations.

Why the Culture of women?

They have researched the mythology, stories, and history of 195 nations and over 250 national groupings, then incorporated the most intriguing components into their art collection. “Culture of Women” will introduce historical features to the NFT universe, resulting in a lovely blend of the past and future.

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4. Rich Masters Club:

Launch date: December 3, 2021 (12:00 AM UTC)

Solana Blockchain

They are the exclusive club of the rich hamster on Solana blockchain to win exclusive perks. Their NFT is a collection of 5000 adorable hamsters perfect for your digital identity. Their core event is a bi-weekly event where RHC members get a chance to win 10% of the rich hamsters Solana pool. The initial Solana pool can go up to 1950SOL. They take 15% Royalty, where 100% of the royalty goes back to rich hamsters pool.



The prize pool is funded entirely by the 15% royalty fees collected on all Hammies sold on the secondary market. Second, a lottery ticket system will be developed that will allow anybody to buy a ticket in a swap for an opportunity to win a reward pool for that round. The revenues from the ticket sales will go into this prize pool, making it possible.

Why Rich Masters Club?

35 percent of the money generated goes to the company’s wallet, while 2650 SOL is put into a lottery pool (given sells out). Weekly floor-sweeping consumes 175 SOL. The remaining funds will be utilized to advance the project’s development (merchandise, dashboard, breeding generation 2, website development)

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Launch date: December 4, 2021 (11:00 PM UTC)

Ethereum Blockchain

EGGTOMATON is a 7,000-strong automaton collection with egg-shaped heads. It is the legend of people who, unable to prolong life in their existing bodies, surrendered their will to unknown extraterrestrial technology. Humans awoke in odd bodies, violence broke out, and groups arose.



The seven factions are Greed, Pride, Wrath, Envy, Lust, Gluttony, and Sloth. This project is supported by an eight-person development team that is dedicated to creating a legacy centered on their core community.

EGGTOMATON will work with a variety of artists to create one-of-a-kind pieces, seven Sci-Fi Origin series novels, companions, drops for EGGTOMATON owners, a v1 token with tangible use, physical and digital items, and a P2E (pay-to-earn) game.


They have already made preparations to give back to the community, including donating 25ETH to a human bionics charity that the community will choose. EGGTOMATON is creating a legacy by working hand-in-hand with the core community and will go to any length to make this a reality. The public auction for 0.05 ETH + gas will take place on December 4.

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