NFT Projects of The Week [V.10 04-02-2022]


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I am back with new upcoming NFT projects you must check out for the upcoming week.

NFT collectors all across the globe are eager to invest in new projects that may be appropriate to their preferences. This is why we have started this series of NFT projects of the week to look out for the top projects of the week, which have a huge community by their side.

Welcome to version 10 of NFT Projects of the week!

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1. Slotie Junior:

Launch date:10 February, 2022 (08:00 PM UTC)

Ethereum Blockchain

Casinos are clamoring to get a foothold in the metaverse now that you can fly to Sin City from the comfort of your couch. Rather than merely traveling to the metaverse, sloties are creating their own – the Slotieverse.

You might say it’s a virtual version of Sin City.



All of the excitement takes place in the SlotieVerse, a Las Vegas-themed metaverse. The Ethereum blockchain powers this decentralized virtual reality platform. The purpose of SlotieVerse is to provide extraordinary social experiences for everyone, no matter where they are.

Casinos are unquestionably among the world’s largest entertainers, and they are masters at devising fun activities for patrons to partake in. It is not just a game in the SlotieVerse, but a way to interact with others. In SlotieVerse, casino developers and designers may focus on developing eye-catching structures, presenting live concerts, and rewarding their customers, while the casinos included in this virtual Las Vegas can gain by adopting their designs and gaming logic. An opportunity exists for anybody who wants to help build a decentralized ecosystem.

They’re the first generation of Slotie characters to enter the Slotiverse. The ERC-721 standard is used by Slotie Juniors, a collection of 10,000 unique works of art that provides evidence of ownership on the Ethereum blockchain.

Why Junior Slotie NFT?
  • Land Airdrop:

    In SlotieVerse’s Slotie Junior District, each Slotie Junior is given a plot of land. There are a number of contiguous land parcels in the Slotie Junior District, each of which is held by a different Slotie Junior (a total of 10,000 land plots).

    It is one of the most popular regions in SlotieVerse that is completely run and operated by the Slotie Juniors. Renting out the plots, developing the property, or doing anything else the community wants are all options open to them.

    With the assist of a smart contract, the community can cast votes and make important choices. The district’s income is entirely controlled by the Juniors community.

  • Wall of Owners:

    Everyone should know that the Slotiverse began as a result of the Slotie community. Thus, a Wall of Owners was built surrounding the Slotie District to display the 10,000 sculptures of each individual Slotie Junior. It is up to the owners of the Slotie Junior to name the sculptures in their honor. Everyone who comes to the city will be able to read the inscription on the statue.

  • Exclusive Holder Reward:

    EHR (Exclusive Holder Rewards) are given to Slotie Juniors owners as a token of appreciation for their loyalty. The Junior holders benefit from the project’s expansion since it generates more utility. As a result of the work of the SlotieVerse EHR.

  • The SlotieVerse marketplace:

    New casino games, original artwork, and 3D items are all up for grabs in the SlotieVerse marketplace.

  • Slot Machines for Slotie Juniors:

    The Slotie District has 50 slot machines. By being liquidity providers or just holding the Slotie Junior, Slotie Juniors receive varying amounts of EHR from slot machines.

  • Free spins and event tickets
  • Embassy in Sandbox

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Launch date: 12 February, 2022(10:00 PM UTC)

Ethereum blockchain

Their genesis collection has been sold out.

Owning a 2D alpaca gets you a free 3D Claim

It’s safe to say that ALPACADABRAZ is putting all of their eggs in the next Sandbox game. Get a head start in the rapidly expanding Metaverse universe by purchasing 2D alpacadabraz right now!



The ALPACADABRAZ family was no longer of service to the farmers, who misused their influence for their own gain. The ALPACADABRAZ are now free to roam the streets, frightened of wolves and other predators, as they search for food and water.

Right now, the ALPACADABRAZ are trembling and unsure of what to do. You have till the minting date to decide how many ALPACADABRAZ you want to provide a new safe residence.


One of their in-house artists Chuckchee’s most notable creations, is ALPACADABRAZ. With a hard-working and devoted staff with a long-term goal and his distinctive approach, They feel he will be a great asset in the future.

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3. Cartoon Cartel:

Launch date: 4 February, 2022(04:00 PM UTC)

Solana Blockchain

On the Solana blockchain, Cartoon Cartel consists of 9,999 cartoon NFTs. To earn $TOON, keep. Save the world with the help of three opposing groups working together on a single goal—Magic Eden Launchpad minting.



The Cartoon cartel NFT collection aims to set the standard for NFT collection should be

Along with some badass NFTs, They’re building a brand, physical products, a token, a play to earn a game an in-depth story.

Cartoon cartels primary marketplace will be magic Eden. They will also be listed on solanaart, digital eyes, Solsea, and more.

Why Cartoon Cartel?
  • NFT Trading Cards
  • P2E Game
  • Physical Products
  • Holder store
  • $50000 Giveaway
  • Ownership Rights

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