NFT Projects of The Week [V.15, 11-03-2022]


Hello Upcomingnft Community!

NFT Marketspace is growing so fast, and the term NFT is Now becoming much more popular worldwide.

A lot of projects with huge potential are hitting the Marketspace and contributing to this non-fungible moment.

With the NFT Projects of the week, we provide some of the ideal projects the NFT community is interested in for the upcoming week.

Let’s explore some of the amazing projects that will soon hit the NFT Market space in this Upcoming week.


1. Apiens:

Launch date: 14 March 2022 (12:00 AM UTC)

Ethereum Blockchain

Over the 6 million years ago, in the wide and endless space that is the universe existed grey star in an undiscovered constellation called apienverse, a name given by its last tribe, the apiense. However, among the billion that already existed in the cosmos, this star was unique and special.



It is your duty to save and serve their apien family. Even if the apiens forefathers’ disappearance and whereabouts are still a mystery, the desire of reestablishing the apiens nation and reuniting its people remains.

There are almost half a million apiens in the world, but only 8,000 of them will be chosen as the new leaders of the apien nation to unite them and restore success back to the people of the apiens. With the help of the Apien nation, they will be fearless and ready to unify in spectacular fashion, using advanced technology, and making fashion a universal religion.

Why Apiens NFT?

Marketing and Collaborations:

  • Personalized NFTs for Brands and Celebrities
  • Project Collaborations


  • Collaborations with DJs to Host the Virtual Concert.
  • Gaming

Other Benefits:

  • Every holder can build business around their apiens NFTs.
  • Holders will get Exclusive access to partner for any kind of business, trade collaboration and partnership.
  • Sponsoring IRL fashion Shows for Brand visibility.
  • Building Foundation for Apiens Ecosystems.
  • RFID integrated merch drop for every holders.
  • You will be able to own the items of your ape separately.

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2. AnekDamian’s Trainers(A/D Trainers NFT):

Launch date: 14 March 2022 (12:00 AM UTC)

Ethereum Blockchain

AnekDamian’s Trainers (A/D Trainers) is an art-first collection of programmatically generated NFTs on the Ethereum Blockchain. The first phase consists of 7,770 randomly generated characters.



After years of working on top-quality custom collectibles, their team of art experts designed A/D Trainers. Their mission is to evolve and bridge their vision of the physical universe with the metaverse.

Why A/D Trainers NFT?

Booster Pack:

Bring back the nostalgia; opening a booster will unlock 4 NFTs: 1 A/D Trainer +3 Elemental cards.

Opening the booster pack will be gas-free and will be available immediately in your opensea inventory.

Elemental Cards:

In the A/D world there are 4 base elements: Fire, water, grass, and Phycic. However, there are rumored special elements said to be floating around.

Special elements are extremely rare and heavily sought after.

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3. House Game:

Launch date: 14 March 2022 (03:00 PM UTC)

Ethereum Blockchain

P2E real estate NFT game called “House”. Their Project Introduces novel mechanics, secure smart contracts, and community-driven expansions.



In the house game, there are a total of 14000 houses and 700 utility buildings. Each house and utility building is randomly generated upon mint. Properties yield $cash it yields. A weekly leaderboard ranks the best real estate investors, and each player competes by building their portfolio and wasting money in order to rise to the top.

Why House Game NFT?
  • Seven different house models are available, each with a different return on investment. Fees paid by staked houses fund utility buildings.
  • Players will be able to mint an extra 7000 dwellings using $cash once all initial constructions have been minted using ETH. Depending on the state of the economy, the cost of minting dwellings using $cash will fluctuate.
  • Homeowners will be permitted to make improvements to the inside and outside of their residences. This will allow homes to generate more revenue and pay utility buildings less in fees. This will be costly, as the materials will degrade over time, necessitating ongoing maintenance fees from homeowners.
  • As they continue to make information public, they will update their roadmap, timeline, and whitepaper. They are a community-driven project, they will be presenting all future plans of house games directly to their community through community meetings.

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Note: We recommend that you conduct the same investigation that we did to obtain precise data, facts, and numbers regarding the NFT Project and determine whether or not it is appropriate for you based on your circumstances. This is how you can play safely and securely with NFTs.