NFT Projects of The Week [V.16, 17-03-2022]


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Same as last week, we have exciting NFT projects that are going to hit the NFT Marketspace this upcoming week, so buckle up and let’s begin…


1. Smallbros NFT:

Launch date: 22 March 2022

Ethereum Blockchain

8888 small bros are here to remind you that you are never alone in this journey!



Small bros believe in creating a unique environment and community while combining the physical and digital worlds to enable all small bros to connect with each other, create strong friendships, and faster individual growth. Smallbros want to remind people that they are never alone on this journey.

Why Smallbros NFT?

Custom VR/PC Hub:

The foundation of the small bros community A custom VR hub will be available to all small bros holders. Conferences, events, hangouts, games, giveaways, etc. For the bros to meet and have fun phase, 1 hub will be accessible with or without VR, hosted on altspace VR (server available on a VR headset, PC, or MacBook)

Bro’s Merch:

Merch store(IRL and VR) creating a high-end boutique exclusively for the bro’s holders.

All products will be accessible in holder pass on their website and will be shown as 3D mockups in their VR world.

Bro’s Charity:

The team will donate 20 ETH to the chosen community with the goal of supporting mental health. Their team members will be flying out to the location to interact and support the community. The journey will be documented and shared on social media.

Check this event at:

2. Sussy Sharks:

Launch date: 25 March 2022

Ethereum Blockchain

Sussy baby sharks are an addition to Sussy sharks, a sold-out collection of 1000 unique sharks on the blockchain, backed by FinCEN authorized company. Every shark holder grants access to their own metaverse shark city, which will be released in Q2 2022. 25% of the final mint will be donated to an ocean-cleanup charity. Monthly cleanup days are being held the whole community cleans up beaches and reefs.



They are not only a collection of 1000 epic profile pictures. They are a community-driven project that does everything to save the world’s greatest source of life—the lovely ecosystem which needs them so urgently their ocean. There were multiple beach clean-ups and the #NFTCleanupday implemented in the first version of the roadmap. Hundreds of individuals throughout the world devote an entire day each month to cleaning beaches and reefs. This time around, they’ll utilize the money they make playing games to fund new ocean-related initiatives. Owning a Sussy Shark shows that you care about and actively help save the ocean.

Why Sussy Sharks NFT?

Every Sussy baby shark is a unique hand-drawn digital artwork that has been created from a mix of 80+ traits.

The sussy baby sharks are an addition to the Susssy Sharks, for every two sussy sharks you hold, you will be eligible to claim one sussy baby shark.

Check this event at:

Note: We recommend that you conduct the same investigation that we did to obtain precise data, facts, and numbers regarding the NFT Project and determine whether or not it is appropriate for you based on your circumstances. This is how you can play safely and securely with NFTs.