NFT Projects of The Week [V.25, 03-06-2022]


Hello guys!

Welcome again with version 25 of the NFT projects of the week.

New NFT Projects are here, and so am I to introduce all these new exciting NFT projects to you.

There are plenty of amazing NFT projects that are contributing to this Non-fungible moment. It is my job to introduce these new and exciting NFT projects to the Upcomingnft community.

Let’s begin…

week 25

1. Just Ape NFT:

Official Links:





Mint Information:

Mint Date: 7th June 2022 (8 PM UTC)

Mint Price: 5 SOL

Maximum Supply: 10000 Total


Online: @Magiceden

Offline: @ Austin, TX.

(The authorities of the project might change project details)

Apes, Apes, Apes It’s a common conviction in the strength of web3 and its potential to bridge gaps, whether it’s to connect web2 and web3, the real world and digital multiverse, or to connect the global riches divine.

Everything just ape does is built on a re-establishment of web3’s power to connect anybody, everywhere, to a decentralized web of opportunities.

At ape, their goal is to close as much of this gap as possible. Basically, this is about connecting individuals to each other and to themselves.

The primary goal is to build and link the brand’s on-chain and off-chain counterparts. Let’s call it a digital-to-physical bridge if you choose. Live events, high-quality merchandise, community meetups, and getting your favorite off-chain products combined with the ape’s face.

Check this event at:

2. DA Punk NFT:

Official Links:





Mint Information:

Mint Date: 5Th June 2022

WL Price: 0.077 ETH

Public Mint Price: 0.088 ETH

Maximum Supply: 2121 Total

(The authorities of the project might change project details)

Style, technology, and community come together in this project, which makes DA punk the future generation of playable characters on the Ethereum blockchain.

Award-winning designers and developers worked together to create DA punks.

With the purpose of redefining what a “NFT Project” is, They enlisted the help of the industry’s most seasoned professionals to create a spectacular, cutting-edge product.

All NFT investors can benefit from the DA punk community because of their planned DAO and metaverse as well as sandbox area.

Their discord is a terrific area for NFT purchasers, old and new, to debate their project, the future of the space, and even propose new ideas to put into their roadmap.

DA punks have as their ultimate goal the creation of their own metaverse. As the pioneers of this new period, you have the opportunity to make a lasting impression.

What decisions can you make regarding your community’s future when you are a member?

In this metaverse, the possibilities are endless, and you will be able to embody your own punk.

  • Decentralized Autonomous PUNK
  • Not Only a PFP – Da Punk Merch Line
  • Punk Land
  • Gathering to Better grow… Community Fund Up
  • The Metaverse

Check this event at:

3. M3ta Moguls:

Official Links:






Mint Information:

Whitelist Mint:

Whitelist #1 Date: 4th June 2022 (11:00 AM EST)

Whitelist #1 Price: 0.15 ETH

Whitelist #1 Supply: 650 NFTs

Whitelist #2 Date: 7th June 2022 (11:00 AM EST)

Whitelist #2 Price: 0.175 ETH

Whitelist #2 Supply: 1000 NFTs

Whitelist #3 Date: 10th June 2022

Whitelist #3 Price: 0.20 ETH

Whitelist #3 Supply: 1500 NFTs

Public Sale Mint Date: 18th June 2022 (11:00 AM EST)

Public Sale Mint Price: 0.30 ETH

Public Sale Supply: 1294 (24 hours)

Remaining Supply: 0.50 ETH (After 24 hours of public mint)

(The authorities of the project might change project details)

They begin their journey through the m3tasphere with the purest manifestation of an elite class known as the m3ta moguls. A high-class, exclusive society with a unique set of governance was created by these 4,444 characters in the world’s first entertainment metaverse.

Moguls can play to earn, race cars in VR, gamble, attend music events, shop, and be entertained by m3tasphere experiences in the m3tasphere.


The m3tasphere will have its own currency and economy, making it a sovereign world. Each m3ta mogul will be given a plot of land and the ability to build whatever they want on it.

Those m3ta moguls that are the most rare and pure will be the most powerful and wealthy in this world of elitists. This unique group of m3ta moguls is the m3tasphere civilization’s powerful political elites, who can mastermind and control the greatest amount of power, influence, and wealth.

M3ta Moguls NFT Utilities:

  • Landholders will receive 10% of the proceeds from M3tasphere land sales.
  • Voting rights for charitable donations by members of the community
  • Holders receive 10% of M3tasphre revenue.
  • Wearable web 3 merchandise from premium fashion designers in limited quantities.
  • Holders receive a free airdrop of land. The character’s rarity will decide how many copies are printed.
  • Use your 3D metaverse-ready avatars to enter any and all m3tasphere nightclubs and events.
  • Inclusion in real-world activities like the MIAMI launch party.
  • Holders of utility token $Spherre will get an airdrop with multipliers according to the token’s rarity.
  • In the futuristic Nightclubs of M3tasphere, holders will have the option to party with the world-renowned performers.
  • People can create their own venues and earn money by hosting events or renting out their land.
  • With the m3tasphere, holders will be able to race virtual reality counterparts.
  • Put your $sphere tokens to the test against other players in order to earn more $sphere.

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