NFT Projects of The Week [V.41, 16-12-2022]


Hello There,

Welcome to the Version 41 of the NFT Projects of the Week.

I am back with new, fresh and exciting NFT projects that are going to hit the NFT Market space this Upcoming week.

A lot of NFT projects are coming into the NFT Market space and contributing to the community to make this space a better place.

Let’s begin…

week 41

1. Pups Club:

Official Links:



Discord: TBA

pups club

Register for Whitelist:

Mint Information:

Mint Date: 17 December 2022

Mint Price: 0.30 ETH

Maximum Supply: 10000

(The authorities of the project might change Mint Information)

Pups club is the cute puppies club NFT that is getting much more attention from the NFT community, and it has promising followers on its official Twitter.

The official Twitter account of the project claims to build the cutest and fluffiest corner of the metaverse for the NFT community.

And their official Discord account will be revealed after the holders mint for the NFT holders.

Pups club is a collection of 10000 cute puppies that will build the cutest and fluffiest corner of the metaverse in the NFT market space.

Check this event at:

2. Naughtyz Planet:

Official Links:





Register for Whitelist:

Mint Information:

Mint Date: 20 December 2022

Mint Price: TBD

Maximum Supply: 10000 Total

(The authorities of the project might change Mint Information)

As the website claims, Naughtyz is your key to unlocking a world of mystery and excitement.

Naughtyz reveal will be completely fair and random they are using chainlink VRF offset technology to ensure full randomization upon execution of the reveal.

This means no one – the team. Their holders etc. will know their naughty, their traits, or rarity until the collection fully reveals.


  • Earn real rewards while exploring a new world with Naughtyz.
  • Amid the curiosity and confusion, they go on an adventure to explore a new world together.
  • Special events will be held if you access the planet, and you will receive a get reward.

Mint NFT Avatars:

10,000 Naughtyz avatars with various personalities were born. Have your own distinctive Naughtyz avatar.

  • Avatars mint including Genesis code open.
  • Genesis code holders can receive various benefits.
  • Some of the 10,000 are special PFP.


Do you want a playful Naughtyz, an angry Naughtyz, or an evil Naughtyz? Your Naughtyz will represent you in Naughtyz Planet.

  • Your avatar will be revealed after the last minting.
  • The avatar is the ‘Naughtyz’ you can play on the Planet.
  • Also, proving themselves in the Ultimate Challenge.

Listed on Exchange:

Get to know $NCORE, the Naughtyz Planet utility token. It is a token used to administer the economy of the Metaverse, and its symbol on Ethereum is $NCORE.

  • $NCORE can be acquired through Challenge.
  • $NCORE can be used in various places.
  • Our team will work hard to maintain and improve the value of token.

Planet Alpha test Giveaway:

Any user with an E-wallet can freely move around the Planet. The road network is designed around the central plaza, and the marketplace, and there are stadiums all over the place.

  • Play with your avatar through future updates.
  • Various events for the community. Ex) Transport WL giveaway.
  • Draw a prize among the random users who connected the wallet.

Mint Transport:

6,000 various Transport will be produced. Have Transport to explore the Planet and use in the Challenge.

  • Various means of transportation.
  • Some of the 6,000 are have special parts.
  • Transport enables faster exploration.

Planet Beta Release:

Access the Naughtyz Planet with your own avatar. There is an event where you can get a ticket after Beta opening. Find the hidden item box on Planet and win the ticket.

  • Ticket is available in the ranking mode to be opened.
  • Ticket can be traded between users through $NCORE.
  • Various events will be held within the Planet.

Marketplace Release:

You can purchase NFT avatar & Enhance through the $NCORE you have. Increase chance of winning the challenge by purchasing special abilities.

  • Purchase avatar & Transport.
  • Various special abilities.
  • Enhance Transport & Avatar.

Ultimate Challenge Release:

Complete the race with 49 other participants in a randomly selected game stage. Win the competition and win $NCORE.

  • A game ticket is needed to participate in the game.
  • Reward is given pursuant to the game result.
  • The majority of people who didn’t rank will receive a bonus game ticket that’s around the same value as their used-up one.

Further Expansions Plans:

The types of games continue to increase and change due to the self-discovery of avatars and the appearance of Transport in the first large athletic meet-type game.

  • Expanded map can be moved through Transport.
  • The advent of games using Transport.
  • Let’s explore the unknown world.

Community Zone:

  • Displays important announcements and holder’s feedback.
  • Marketplace can trade NFTs and Items.

Challenge Zone:

  • Run and Jump game area
  • Total of 50- player compete and win $NCORE

Festival Zone:

  • Dance Performance Stage
  • Time concept applied discovery zone will be coning out soon

Check this event at:

3. Poly World:

Official Links:




Poly world

Register for Whitelist:

Mint Information:

Mint Date: 20 December 2022

Mint Price: 0.1 ETH

Maximum Supply: 1250 Total

(The authorities of the project might change Mint Information)

Bringing together the best of the web2, the web3, blockchain monetization, and the deep game world of a traditional role-playing game, Poly World is a free-to-play creature-collecting game.

They hope to create a game that appeals to a wide range of players, from blockchain enthusiasts to casual gamers, crypto enthusiasts to NFT collectors, and everyone in between. Everyone who enjoys playing video games is welcome to join in. They’re going to give you back the keys so you can take ownership again.

Check this event at:

Note: We recommend that you conduct the same investigation that we did to obtain precise data, facts, and numbers regarding the NFT Project and determine whether or not it is appropriate for you based on your circumstances. This is how you can play safely and securely with NFTs.