NFT Projects of The Week [V.6 07-01-2022]


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New week, new energy, and Fresh new NFT Projects..

Welcome to version 6 of NFT projects of the week!

We are here with some unique and amazing nft projects that are coming next week and ready to launch with the intense community having by their side.

If you are nft enthusiasts and want to find amazing nft projects to invest in, here are some of the great nft projects that you might like..

Well, not taking further, let’s dive into the NFT Project of the Week V.6

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1. Monkeyball game:

Launch date:Minting live

Solana Blockchain

Monkeyball nft is built on the Solana blockchain. MonkeyBall is a turn-based, play-to-earn soccer game that is simple to learn but difficult to master. It blends high-production-value multiplayer gaming with Solana blockchain, NFTs, and decentralized finance to produce an engaging, turn-based, play-to-earn soccer game.



Three game modes are available:

Player vs. Environment, Player vs. Player, and Team vs. Team.

Player against Environment: To improve your Monkey’s general talents, use the training mode.

Player against. Player: A classic game in which each player is in charge of an entire team.

Team against Team: Multiple players participate and control each squad in this game of team vs. team.

Why Monkeyball game nft?
  • Airdrop of game tokens
  • Advance your player in pregame training camp
  • Early breeding season
  • Early access to stadium land (scale)

Look at the sneak peek of Mokey ball game NFT

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2. Pxquest:

Launch date: Between 10 to January 18

Ethereum blockchain

They are the first MMO(massively multiplayer online) NFT that focuses on the large scope they have accomplished near-complete removal of gas and will have a level of polish never seen yet in this space.



Pxquest is two games!

PX arena is pokemon-battle dueler.

Px dungeons is an online multiplayer side-scrolling dungeon crawler.

Why Pxquest?

The community decides via polling booth in what direction to take our game after that.

The Highest value items like your character, land, and $ Chronos are minted on ethereum mainnet.

Secondary items like armor, weapons, crafting, and building resources are gasless minted on IMX. It can be traded gaslessly on the IMX marketplace; you can also transfer them at any time to the mainnet if you want to trade on platforms like opensea.

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3. Rich Dwarse tribe nft:

Launch date: January 9, 2022 (11:00 PM UTC)

Ethereum Blockchain

Our tribe, which is made up of three tribes, has lived on the Sif mountain for ages. Our brother Eitri made a mistake with his pickaxe one day when we were casually mining gold. We landed on the Blockchain when a warp hole formed… NFTs were used to digitize the data. However, our tribe was broken up, and our clans were divided into three groups.



We recognized then that an ancient prophesy foretelling the end of the Old World and promising enormous riches greater than gold had just come true. The new riches are derived from the Blockchain rather than from stone.

You’re going to adore what’s coming next: three clans, three chapters, and three prizes!

Why rich dwarse tribe nft?

The Rich Dwarves Tribe is a collection of one-of-a-kind and rare digital artworks housed on IFPS and saved as ERC-721 Tokens on the Ethereum Blockchain. MO$$O’s clan has 4999 dwarfs divided into four sections in this first chapter. All of the dwarfs have been scanned as high-resolution 3D NFTs.

They were not, however, born yesterday. They are especially wary of anyone who is pursuing their money. As a result, the contents of their fortune will not be disclosed here.

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4. Moody Ape Club:

Launch date: January 6, 2022 (12:00 PM UTC)

Ethereum Blockchain

Six thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine Moody Apes exist as NFTs in the Moody Ape Club, and each one is an original because of its scarcity. Artificial Intelligence and a creative designer made these.



The metaverse has been here for quite some time. The Moody Ape is a mystery species that departed the planet over 2000 years ago to create a new realm known as the metaverse.

They have established a whole civilization by enjoying their finest lives to the utmost.

Since then, mankind has lately declared the metaverse to be discovered. This one-of-a-kind race is now scared for the future of their cosmos.

They are fearful of the future, which is why they became Moody.

Why Moody ape club?
  • Their NFTs are derivatives and a component of comprehensive and ambitious projects.
  • We choose to place the community and the holders at the heart of the decision by consulting you
  • We worked with the best experts for months to build a solid and feasible project and a solid roadmap.
  • We have a strategic partnership with the best artists globally, tech companies, institutions, organizations.
  • They will create unique artistic content: the first series, manga, video clips, artworks, etc.
  • Their team has various professional profiles: marketing, tech, design, strategy, art, etc.

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Note: We recommend that you conduct the same investigation that we did to obtain precise data, facts, and numbers regarding the NFT Project and determine whether or not it is appropriate for you based on your circumstances. This is how you can play safely and securely with NFTs.