NFT Projects of The Week [V.8 21-01-2022]


Hello guys!

Welcome to the Fresh new episode of NFT Project of the week!

The NFT projects are putting a lot of effort into providing value towards the NFT Community and making the Non-fungible moment grow further.

Same as last week, we are here with amazing projects for the upcoming week.

Let’s begin …


1. Cool cats:

Launch date:January 28, 2022 (12:00 AM UTC)

Ethereum Blockchain

Cool Cats is a collection of procedurally created, randomly generated NFTs. The first generation consists of 10,000 cats chosen at random from a pool of approximately 300,000 possibilities. All cats are cool, but entire suit cats are the coolest. Each Cool Cat has its own body, cap, face, and costume, so the combinations are unlimited!



To begin with, remember that all cats are cool? On the other hand, Cool Cats have valued 3 to 10 points. The components that make up your Cool Cat decide how many points you get. More common ones, such as a beanie or a cap, are worth fewer points than more uncommon items, such as a computer head or an ape suit.

Why cool cat NFT?

Aside from earning a kickass profile image and being a part of one of the greatest, handpicked yet randomized NFT initiatives to date, you can help us expand and shape the future of Cool Cats. Because we really want Cool Cats to be a community-driven and centered initiative, we’re giving back 20% of every ETH raised to the community (through competitions, raffles, and other means).

You get a voice in the community and may help steer the project’s path by becoming a Cool Cat. We’ll need your assistance deciding on specifics for future improvements such as breeding, next-generation Cool Cats, the app, and more!

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2. Exogens:

Launch date: January 22, 2022 (04:00 PM UTC)

Ethereum Blockchain

Exogens are a unique artistic collection of 10,001 generative characters by the digital artist Lukas Hahn. The Exos were the first beings in Exo-city.



With a backdrop of Exo-City, ExoGens is an exclusive NFT collection of 10,000 generative pieces of art. A unique chance will be presented to ExoGens art collectors: together, They will develop and expand Exo-City. A municipal council seat is open to all business owners, and you may play a role in shaping it. Founded by and for the community and artists, Exo-City is a fascinating new place. An NFT should, in their opinion, be centered around art.

Why Exogens?
  • A SnapShot will be performed one week following deployment. Become a part of the decentralized voting system and start constructing Exo-City.
  • In the metaverse, there are several cities like Exo-City. Members of the City Council (DAO) vote on the city’s future course. A set of $ART tokens will be distributed to each resident and council member. Events, games, and assets are in place.
  • The council will have to pay taxes and burn $ART tokens in order to participate in an asset, game, or event. Use your $ART tokens to purchase art.

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3. Cryptopus:

Launch date: January 2022

Ethereum Blockchain

A forthcoming collection of adorable octopus NFTs on the Ethereum Blockchain, Cryptopus, is being developed. Five limbs, three hearts, and nine brains make up the Cryptopus, yet it only has one strategy. Save the Sea.



They need your aid to rid the oceans of plastic waste and slow down global warming to stop coral bleaching. It is evaluated that coral reefs are home to more than a million species, making it one of the most mixed environments on Earth. Global warming has caused the loss of more than half of the world’s corals in the last 30 years. Using blockchain technology, the Cryptopus Family is working on reducing this number.

Why Cryptopus?

They are going to make a huge donation to the organization behind the Netflix documentary “chasing coral” Coral reefs are the Ocean’s most diverse and complex ecosystems, supporting 25% of marine life. Coral reefs are home to a huge range of marine life, including sea stars, octopuses, and a variety of fish.

They’re going to release the cryptopus metaverse game they’ve been working on. In this play-to-earn game, use your cryptopus NFT to clean the Ocean. By playing the game, you can make a genuine difference in helping to protect the ocean.

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4. Monkeypoly:

Launch date: January 28, 2022 (05:00 PM UTC)

Ethereum Blockchain

MonkeyPoly is a set of 10,000 randomly produced NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain.



MonkeyPoly is a collection of 10,000 non-fungible tokens (NFTs) produced programmatically and stored on the Ethereum (changeable) blockchain. Each MonkeyPoly NFT gives you the ability to play Monopoly in the metaverse and earn money by bankrupting other players

Why Monkeypoly?
  • MonkeyPoly holders will have first access to their next P2E game, in which you can develop and improve houses inside the MonkeyPoly metaverse, just like in the Monopoly board game. In addition, holders have an advantage over non-holders in terms of obtaining in-game stuff. For the time being, that’s all the information we have, but stay tuned for more!
  • Holders can use their NFTs to earn in-game tokens by staking them. Staking earns tokens/coins that can be used to buy game stuff and MonkeyPoly Mechs in their Community Marketplace. Allow your monkeys to do the grunt labor while you enjoy the delicious benefits.

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5. Ponzi Panthers:

Launch date: January 23, 2022

Ethereum Blockchain

Ponzi panthers are 4949 generated unique characters on the ethereum blockchain.



By completing multi-phase tasks, you can expand your whitelist.

The OG Panthers are hosting their first whitelist challenge, in which each player may claim their whitelist reservation.

Big leaders in the NFT industry talk about new NFT initiatives and provide useful information with Alpha Panthers.

Why Ponzi Panthers?
  • Contests in the community – all contest winners receive special awards.
  • There are contests for the greatest meme, fan art, wallpaper, and more!
  • Discord events are open for a limited period and are server-wide.
  • Rap fights, scavenger hunts, poker games, top remarks, and more will be held.
  • With each mint milestone met, drop crypto gifts.
  • The Ponzi launchpad is now open for new inventive NFT ideas.
  • Members will have exclusive access to unique guest invites when the Alpha Panthers chat is released.

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Note: We recommend that you conduct the same investigation that we did to obtain precise data, facts, and numbers regarding the NFT Project and determine whether or not it is appropriate for you based on your circumstances. This is how you can play safely and securely with NFTs.