Upcomingnft privilege pass for NFT Collectors


I am here to talk about the amazing NFT project we are going to launch on 28 September 2022.

From the initial period of the upcomingnft till today, upcomingnft constantly delivered the best user experience and delivered everything that users wanted in the first place from the NFT market space.

Firstly, I would like to congratulate all of us for getting 100k+ Whitelist Registrations for Upcomingnft Privilege Pass.

Thank you for the Fabulous response! Your response says it all!

Now, let’s understand all about this upcomingnft privilege pass

I will clarify what, who, where, when, how, and why here so you can better understand the project and objectives.


Upcoming NFT privilege pass is an NFT project by upcomingnft that will help NFT collectors find all the things they want from NFT market space in one place and ask for other tools and features to add to the privilege pass dashboard.


Upcomingnft is the leading NFT calendar platform in the whole NFT market space and has helped a lot of NFT projects, and NFT artists to sell out their projects within the deadline.


Check this Website at: https://mint.upcomingnft.net/


28 September 2022


It started when we found out that a lot of potential NFT collectors are struggling to get NFT tools, features, news, updates, etc. that’s how the concept of privilege pass took birth into this NFT market space.


With the upcomingnft privilege pass, we will give NFT community a better place to learn about web 3 NFT projects, nft tools, nft news, updates, etc. The project is here to guide the NFT community to make its NFT journey awesome.

Hold 5 Gold Passes, and get mint of 1 Black pass for FREE !!


– 1x Gold Pass = 1 Raffle ticket

– 5x Gold Pass = 5 Raffle Tickets + Free mint of Black Pass.

– 1x Black Pass = 3 Raffle Tickets

Note: The one who will hold five golden passes will get a free mint of Black pass and its associated benefits.

Upcomingnft privilege pass holders will get a chance to win blue chip NFT via a monthly raffle system.

Mint Information:

Whitelist Date: 28/09/2022 (01:00 PM UTC) (06:30 PM IST)

Whitelist Price: 0.09 ETH

Waitlist Date: 28/09/2022 (02:45 PM UTC) (08:15 PM IST)

Waitlist Price: 0.15 ETH

Public Sale Date: 28/09/2022 (03:00 PM UTC) (08:30 PM IST)

Public Sale Price: 0.15 ETH

Maximum Supply: 1350 Total

Mint per Wallet: 5

Utilities of Upcomingnft Privilege Pass:

Sick of wasting time researching projects? Sick of rug pulls? No worries, Upcomingnft has got your back. As a valued member of our community, Every pass holder will get the first opportunity to Whitelist for popular upcoming NFT projects!

  • Get Confirmed Registration for the whitelist of all upcoming NFT projects (Including free mints, verified projects & private projects).
  • Early access to Free Mint NFT Projects (You can enable auto register here).
  • Get a Chance to Win Free Blue Chip NFT with Monthly Raffle System.
  • Exclusive Tools and Features to Get Updated about New NFT Projects.
  • Pass holders can Request for New Features, they want us to add to the Dashboard.
  • Get to Know about any suspicious and Rugpull NFT Scams.
  • Get updates About the Top 5 NFT Airdrops of the Month.
  • Newsletter for Exclusive Inside Stories of UpcomingNFT research.
  • Exclusive features will be announced to pass holders after launch.

If you want to make your web 3 NFT journey awesome, the privilege pass is here to assist you on your NFT journey in web 3.

The awesome response from the NFT community for whitelist registration shows that the whole NFT community appreciates the efforts we made to give them what they want.

We received 100k+ whitelist registration from premint and still counting…

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Upcomingnft privilege pass NFT Project aims to give all the NFT enthusiast everything they want in one place so that it fulfills all their needs from the NFT market space.

To ease the burden of community building and promotional work for Creators, we plan to develop a comprehensive marketing tool. The new system can automatically rank promising projects and promote those at the top to a wider audience.

The privilege pass dashboard will make it easier for users to find legitimate projects, giving them a head start on the money they can make from them. The system will alert them to relevant NFT trends, inform them of rug pulls, and prompt them to act if they are in danger of missing a promising opportunity or promising project. The New UpcomingNFT will serve as a Companion for our Users all the way through their NFT Experience.

Note: Please be aware of scams and fraudulent activities.

Our official site is https://mint.upcomingnft.net/