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05 Sep 2022-06:07 am (UTC)

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The Ailoverse NFT collection is made of 5,000 unique 3D generated Characters with over 1,000 individually scuplted details, working tirelessly on establishing the new world order.

When no more humans were left on Earth, the remaining Artificial Intelligence called Ailo took on an enormous task to reclaim what humankind has left behind.
Inspired by the idea of repopulating a humanless world, Ailo creates advanced robots operated by his new allies.

The first major milestone of the Ailoverse roadmap is the creation of a community-driven animated mini Series.
By leaving the outlines of the story as broad as possible, and incentivising our community, we will be involving the most creative minds in our community in major decisions around the Storyline, Lore, Animation & Sound Design of Ailoverse.
Our development team is currently working tirelessly on the genesis NFT collection that will feature unique robots operated by the bravest cats. The first major milestone of the Ailoverse roadmap is the creation of a community-driven animated mini Series.
In an effort to prove that world-class animation can be produced by the power of the community, and NFTs as a funding source, we want to create a democratized alternative to cooperate media and Hollywood productions.

The Ailoverse NFT Design is a lot more complex than most other NFTs.

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