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05 Sep 2022-06:07 am (UTC)

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All members of Kozuki are Female Samurai.

They are all strong and beautiful.

Kozuki means ‘Moon’. They all have their own beliefs, and they always train themselves while looking at the moon.

It is also a name that appears in the world’s most famous cartoon, One-Piece.

Kozuki awaits the Dawn,and Daybreak Twilight Dawn means just before the rising of the new sun, meaning a bright future.

The same goes for Kozuki.

We will keep moving forward, waiting for the dawn of the project’s success.

And never stop until we reach our goal. We Never give up.

And we never give up until we reach our goal. We’re just starting out.

They all have their own beliefs, and they always train themselves while looking at the moon.

Our goal is to provide long-term value to all holders of KOZUKI NFT.

To this end, we plan to present several directions after release.

We will proceed with aggressive marketing for KOZUKI NFT with our profits.

We will implement it as a pre-sale discount for whitelist members only.

Membership access. There are 4,444 KOZUKI NFT collections of fashion design wearables, NFT snapshots and airdrops of governance coins to be issued, NFT burns, and more.

We will build our own ecosystem around the metaverse.

The self-governing coin that will be airdropped as a snapshot of KOZUKI NFT will be used as the in-game currency in the future.

With the idea of combining animation and metaverse in mind, I have an opinion on turning models of characters who play a major role in the story into goods.
Kozuki — 2022.04.10.

✅ 1) OTT market entry and animation

We will bring our project into the OTT market as an animation. Animation can be a mid- to long-term project.

When changes are made to the animation, all characters included in the changes are updated and their metadata is included there.

✅ 2) Airdrop of governance coins through NFT snapshots

We plan to airdrop our governance coins after taking a certain snapshot to our NFT holders.

With our governance coin, you can vote for direction in the community and serve as an in-game currency for the future metaverse.

✅ 3) Fashion wearables and goods

Goods will be distributed to holders, streetwear, dolls, live-action figures, key chains, accessories, etc. It will be made in many varieties.

In addition, we plan to sell products on Amazon, and the proceeds from this will also be invested in NFT’s marketing.

All of our OGs can receive street wear and live-action figures.

✅ 4) P2E metaverse

We will start making P2E games with our own game engine.

It is thought to be released in the first half of 2023, and the form of the game will be an online MMORPG.

1) Jack

– Founder of KOZUKI NFT project

– Project planning

2) Juniel

– Chief marketer of KOZUKI NFT project

– Project Marketing, Community Responsible

3) Tetsuya

– Artist of KOZUKI NFT project

– Character rebalancing and design

4) Jason

– Developer of KOZUKI NFT project

– Responsible for project development

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