NFT Projects of The Week [V.2 10-12-2021]


Welcome to another episode of the best NFT Projects of the week!

Explore the amazing NFT projects for the upcoming week and find out which one is more suitable according to your situation.

This series is all about giving our NFT Collectors Top Project of the week by analyzing all the upcoming NFT projects.

However, we advise you to do the same research as we did to find accurate details, facts, and figures about the NFT Project And find out which project is suitable for you or not according to your situation. This is how you can play safe and secure with NFTs.

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Let’s begin…

1. Meta Legends:

Launching date: December 11, 2021 (09:00 PM UTC)

Ethereum Blockchain

Meta legend is a project that the whole NFT community appreciates, and everyone is patiently waiting for the launch.

Meta Legends are a collection of 12345 legends classified by rarity and constructed using hundreds of components.

The Legends are kept on the Ethereum blockchain as ERC-721 coins and are hosted on IPFS.



The goal of meta legend is to build an entire ecosystem.

To begin, they are creating an application called meta-connect that will connect all members of the meta legend community. Members will be able to find each other on a map, save their NFTs, and receive an estimate of their worth.

Following that, they will create their own metaverse meta-life using this Metaverse, where members will be able to stack cryptos, own property, things, and explore the meta legends realm.

Watch the Sneak peek of meta legend here.

Meta legend’s ultimate purpose is to develop an entertainment license.

Why Meta legend?
  • The doors to the Metaverse will be opened to those lucky few who have been fortunate enough to mint Meta Legends and be among the first to possess sections of the Metaverse. Members will have unique access to lands, armors, weapons, and mecha pets.
  • Each plot of land is a one-of-a-kind customizable realm, a swarm of resources, and a hypnotic utility. There are open realms of light and gloom, schemes and intrigue, wealth and divinity.
  • The elements themselves will be yours to harness and employ at whim, including the anger of fire, the freedom of the air, the calm of the water, and the stability of earth. You will build civilizations, spiraling towers of light or dark power into the sky, and channel crackling energy of unfathomable beauty.
  • Meta Life is all yours. In enjoyable game modes, you’ll be able to cultivate resources and pillage others’. Your land will allow you to construct your own universe, complete with stores, taverns, gathering places, and entertainment, as well as a location, to meet friends and plot future conflicts and adventures.
  • As the project gets closer to the debut date, we’d want to share our vision with you. What you’re about to view is unique, behind-the-scenes concept art that non-developers don’t normally get access to. However, we want to present to you those who will help us develop the Metaverse, the sketches, and the paintings that constitute the Metaverse’s beginnings.
  • The work-in-progress images below serve as inspiration for our team as they create stunning 3D assets rendered in incomprehensible beauty in the Unreal five-game engine. What you’re seeing is analogous to Darth Vader’s initial sketches, the early visions of BladeRunner and Dune, the spark from which the universe is formed.

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2. Skull Cool NFT:

Launch date: December 11, 2021 (07:00 PM UTC)

Solana Blockchain

Each Skull symbolizes its specific class and is one of 3,666 NFTs that have been painstakingly developed and produced on the Solana Blockchain. Players will employ their Skull Cool as characters in an exciting game metaverse.



It’s a single-player strategy game in which you can choose one of four forces that want to reclaim the world, lead your chosen faction to victory, raise an army and invade another faction territory to gain souls for your House (At the end of each season, the House with the most souls will receive a special reward), and if you’re feeling brave, challenge other faction conquerors directly in PvP to gain prestige. You will have access to new ancestral skills and…

More game details will be released as the game progresses.

Why Skull Cool NFT?

On a weekly basis, half of all royalties from trading fees will be returned to holders. 25% increase token liquidity, 15% game development, and 10% marketing

They will award skull cool nft community’s oldest members (the OG role) with tokens for a future game. More information may be found on their discord server.

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3. Crypto Champions

Launch date: December 11, 2021 (09:00 PM UTC)

Ethereum Blockchain

The first collection of high-quality 3D human models is Crypto Champions.

Privileged and Rebels have distinct styles, attitudes, outfits, weaponry, and over 136 additional characteristics. 2D animal images are nice, but a realistic 3D human soldier is required for the Metawar.



The creators of the project have committed $1,000,000 USD from their personal funds to the initiative since its inception. This allows us to demonstrate our dedication by rewarding the most active members of the crypto champions nft community with surprising presents such as $8,888 in cash, a sports vehicle, a Rolex, a private jet ride, a trip to the Maldives, money to start a business, and so on. Everything is tracked on Etherscan since the money is in a public wallet.

Why Crypto Champions NFT?

Members will get access to unique information from the finest entrepreneurs and investors regarding NFTs, CRYPTO, ECOM, INVESTING, CRYPTO GAMING, METAVERSE, REAL ESTATE, and STARTUPS.

Crypto champions nft elite members include start-up founders, prominent investors, whales, entrepreneurs, and NFT collectors, all of whom will provide unique expertise via:

  • Access to the greatest online courses is provided for free.
  • Weekly Zoom calls are held.
  • Insights on investments and strategic guidance

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4. Brainoids NFT

Launch date: December 15, 2021 (04:00 PM UTC)

Ethereum Blockchain

Brainoids is a group of 5,555 ERC-721 tokens that have been memorialized in the Ethereum Blockchain. All Brainoids NFTs are created randomly from over 180 unique, hand-drawn features, resulting in billions of conceivable combinations and assuring that no two are similar.

While each one is unique and gorgeous, some are more uncommon than others. Rarities and rating systems will be made accessible following the reveal, which will take place 24 hours after the completion of minting. The mint price of Brainoids NFTs has been fixed at 0.055 ETH to maintain their worth.



There will be a presale chance for whitelisted wallet addresses; make sure to follow us on social media for the most up-to-date information! Owners of Brainoids are guaranteed complete commercial and creative rights to their NFTs, as well as unique access to the METABRAIN, our members-only community, and DAO. More information about the DAO may be found below, and you can become involved by joining Discord.

Why Brainoids NFT?

The MetaBrain will offer you membership if you own a Brainoids NFT. In addition to the community advantages that come with membership, the MetaBrain also serves as the Brainoids DAO, where everyone has a say in how the project is run.

Once our drop is complete, we’ll utilise a portion of the mint to create the DAO Treasury, a multi-signature community wallet with signees chosen and voted on by the DAO. The Brainoids development team will have basically given over ownership of the project and its ever-growing treasury to the community at this time!

In addition to mint revenues, the multi-sig wallet will get a majority of all future secondary sales royalties, ensuring the treasury’s long-term development and allowing the MetaBrain to pursue outstanding ideas.

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